While the rest of this website has a bland, no-frills business format, on this page I want to share some of my personal interests and hobbies with a bit more flare.  Of course as this is a Google Site, the amount of "flare" is limited!

My Hobbies and Interests

I love to learn new skills and I enjoy creating with my hands.  Since my career in IT involves things you cannot psychically touch, but instead is in the digital and virtual world, working with my hands provides me an outlet for creativity that I don't get at work.  Below are some of the projects and activities that I enjoy doing.

Hank's photo

My Family
My wife and I have two adult children who are now independent, but recently we were all together for a photo with our dog, Missie:
Family photo

Other Life Experiences

Early family photo
In the late 1990's when I was in my early 30's, I decided to leave a stable and rewarding career working for Consumers Energy in Michigan to become a faith supported missionary with my wife and children.  Why would I make a crazy and potentially risky change like this?  My wife and I are Christians and we trust the Lord to take care of us, whether that is working in a traditional job, or as missionaries.  For 20 years we have served with Wycliffe Bible Translators, and our financial needs have been covered by individuals and churches who gave money monthly so that we could carry out our work.

As you can see from the rest of this website, my role has been in the technology field, which uses my natural talents.  My wife has filled numerous roles, with the most important one being that of mother and homemaker for our family!  If you are curious about our adventures as missionaries, check out our ministry website: hankscott.net where we have newsletters going back many years, photos, and other content.

As part of our missionary experience we have traveled to other countries for short-term trips, and I've had an incredible opportunity to gain experience in many more areas than if I had spent that 20 years working for one large corporation.  For most of our time we have lived in the USA, first working at Wycliffe's headquarters in Orlando, FL, and then working at their international technical support center called JAARS, near Charlotte, NC.

We are now starting a new season in our careers and we feel that our skills can best be used once again in more traditional roles.  Most Christians believe that God calls some people into "ministry" roles (church pastors, missionaries, etc.) and we also believe that God can call anyone into any career, if the person will only take time to listen for His call.
Custom Car Painting

A few years ago I decided to invest time and a little bit of money to learn how to paint cars.  My real interest is not typical dent and damage repair, but custom painting with graphics, flakes, candy, flames, and pearl paints.  This is an entirely different art than the normal paint work which most body repair shops do.  The easy money in painting cars is in auto repair work for insurance jobs, so that is why most body shops focus on that rather than custom painting, which is its own specialty, and not as much in demand.

While I don't consider myself an "expert" in this yet, I have learned a lot and am gaining experience with every project that I work on.  Here are a few of them, and you can click the photos to see larger views.

The "Man Van" Project:
This was an old Chevy Astro van that I owned. I decided to learn some custom paint techniques starting with the roof.
Man Van Roof

I wanted to learn some of the "old school" techniques that are used on low riders and other custom cars you might see at a car show.  This took a couple of months in my spare time, evenings and weekends, as I went slow while learning, but it came out well.  Not perfect, but pretty nice for a beginner.  This van was a real junker and the paint job on the roof alone cost more than I paid for the van!  My kids nicknamed it the "Man Van" probably because my wife refused to ride in it since it was so worn out!

Ghost Flames on a Motorcycle Tank:
After seeing the roof of my Man Van, a buddy at work asked if I would be interested in painting the gas tank and side panels of an old motorcycle that he was rebuilding.  He said I could do whatever I wanted with it and he said he would pay me for it, so we agreed on a price.  At that point I was working really cheap because I was still gaining experience. He said I could take as much time as I wanted because he wasn't in any hurry.
Ghost flames on motorcycle gas tank

It is actually fairly hard to get a good photo of ghost flames, because if you step back from the object, you can't see the flames, and the gloss on the clear coat makes it difficult for the camera to focus!  My buddy was really happy with this paint job and once he gets his motorcycle rebuilt it is going to look awesome on the bike!

Additional Hobbies and Interests
      • Construction / Remodeling
      • Landscaping
      • Woodworking
      • Building Potato Cannons
      • NFL and NASCAR enthusiast

Custom Painted Laptop:
Below is a custom painted laptop that I upgraded and rebuilt as a birthday present for my daughter.  It has a chameleon pearl paint on it which shifts from an aqua green to purple color depending on what direction you look at it. This was one of my first projects, to test the pearl paint before using it on the Man Van.
Custom painted laptop

Custom Painted Insulated Mugs:
I painted some of these for Christmas gifts for family members.  I wanted to practice using a new high impact clear coat which I had not sprayed before, and also experiment with custom printed vinyl stencils.  Apply the vinyl stencil, paint over it, then remove the stencil exposing the color beneath it (silver flake in my case.)

My mug
Russ's mug
Sally's mug
James's mug
Tracey's mug
Krista's mug

Obviously you can see that I'm sort of a custom painting fanatic.  I could talk all day about it, I guess because like technology, it is a seemingly endless field of things to learn and experience.

Thanks for your interest!